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Jul. 24th, 2006 | 08:02 pm
posted by: daisylullaby in tinkerbell_pals

[x] Name: Shellie
[x] Age: 26
[x] Birthday: April 20th, 1980
[x] Location: USA
[x] E-mail: treehuggingurl@yahoo.com

[x] Main Interests: writing/journaling, hiking and nature, making ATCs, traveling, reading
[x] (Self-)Described as: shy, introverted yet rambly, bookworm
[x] Work: baker/salad bar/prep cook at a local restaurant chain
[x] Who are your favorite bands?: I don't have any particular favorites, but I like country, Christian, classic rock, chick rock.. Actually, I like almost anything, except for rap
[x] Favorite movies: My Cousin Vinny, See No Evil Hear No Evil, The Last Unicorn, Nightmare Before Christmas
[x] Favorite TV shows: Buffy, 7th Heaven, just watched my first episode of Gilmore Girls, and I think I'm going to be hooked. :)
[x] Favorite authors: Sarah Dessen, Francesca Lia Block, Dee Henderson
[x] Current favorite book: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
[x] Seeking: penpals
[x] A list of things that you wouldn't mind getting/giving: FBs, stickers, postcards
[x] How many pen pals do you want?: just a few
[x] What sex do you want them to be?: either
[x] What religion do you want them to be?: any. I'm Christian, but I like learning about other religions, especially Judaism and Wiccan
[x] Where do you want them to be from?: just the US. My job doesn't pay much, and the overseas postage adds up.

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