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(no subject)

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Oct. 6th, 2006 | 04:53 pm
posted by: retro_polkadot in tinkerbell_pals

Name: Sammi
Age: 18
Location: NYC
Hobbies: shopping, movies, concerts/shows/ thriftstores, tv, friends, etc..
Music: horrorpops, lily allen, belle & sebastian, bright eyes, juliette & the licks, rhcp, snow patrol, white stripes, 30 seconds to mars, velvet underground, the cranberries, and tonsssss more
Movies: edward scissorhands, riding in cars w/ boys, a lot like love, 13 going on 30, 40 yr old virgin, girl interrupted, serendipity, etc
Fav Cute Stationary Brand/Character: food w/ faces

I'm looking for some more penpals, specifically England and France, but I won't reject USA either. I'm a college student looking to fill up some of her spare time by writing.

visit my myspace for more info about me

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